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 Blindlight Lvl 70 Hunter

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PostSubject: Blindlight Lvl 70 Hunter   Tue Sep 09, 2008 3:58 pm

Name: Pim
Class: Hunter, Beastmaster spec.
age: 20

raiding hours

monday: any
tuseday: any
wedensday: any
thursday: any
friday: any
saturday: any
sunday: any

Current / Previous guild and reason for leaving:
My previous guild was Bloodthrust Clan as companion, i tried to apply as raider but the need of hunters and the standard of my gear was to low for Black tempel and sun well.

please link your gear from the armory

prev raid xp:
I did Karazan and herorics and a part of ZA, but i know all the tactics till BT.

why you have chosen enigma?
im hoping of getting some raiding experience before the next expansion in 25 men instances.

about yourself:

My name is Pim, i live in the netherlands and i love playing WOW with my hunter. Atm i dont have a job or school so i play WOW most of the day together with Furycrusher and Nicoeky (RL friend & housemate)
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Blindlight Lvl 70 Hunter
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