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 MM hunter app

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PostSubject: MM hunter app   Mon Aug 25, 2008 10:38 am

Class:MM hunter

raiding hours

friday:16:30-23:00(24:00 at a push)
saturday:09:00-23:00(24:00 at a push)

Current / Previous guild and reason for leaving felspawn they were not very active

please link your gear from the armory
prev raid xp:
i havent raided much but i have done most of kara

why you have chosen enigma?
some of my mates were in it and they said it was a very nice guild/and they raid alot more than other guilds

about yourself:i am a WOW addict i play rugby sometimes go out with friends but i am never off my comp/only for school and food xD

Gear faults- the icy came on the wepon when i bought it its not me being a noob/ill socket the bracers asap and once i get better legs and gloves from rading etc i will get them enchanted...and my wepon isnt worth spending money on to get 35 agi xD
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MM hunter app
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