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 I R taunt skillz! :P

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PostSubject: I R taunt skillz! :P   Sat Sep 27, 2008 4:38 am

Name: Gogrash
Class: Warrior (Tank)
age: 16

raiding hours

tuseday: Untill 1 am
thursday: Untill 1 am
friday: anytime
saturday: anytime
sunday: untill 1 am

Current / Previous guild and reason for leaving
TSL fell apart, and now I'm looking for a new and exciting raiding guild.. And I thought of you!

please link your gear from the armory

prev raid xp: Lots of Kara, Gruul and a fukload of Heroics (Hence my badge gear)

why you have chosen enigma? My cousin is in there, and I heard ur doing 25-mans and MH, which sounds very exciting.

about yourself: Im funny at times, a reliable and patient raider. I love doing new stuff, and I sign raids as often as possible. I am very eager to try new raid bosses. I can also say Im a decent tank.
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PostSubject: Re: I R taunt skillz! :P   Sat Sep 27, 2008 8:52 am

Nice application and gear but I'm not sure your uncrit anyways,
GL with apply! Smile
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I R taunt skillz! :P
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