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 BM Hunter looking for raiding guild

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PostSubject: BM Hunter looking for raiding guild   Sun Sep 14, 2008 3:05 pm

Name: Pewbakka
Class: Hunter
age: 19

raiding hours

monday: from 5 - 02:00 more or less
tuseday: same
wedensday: same
thursday: same
friday: same
saturday: Usually busy
sunday: All day

Current / Previous guild and reason for leaving
Spawn : Died when TBC came out.
TBC Guilds:
Maintain a lifestyle : Not enough raiding mainly and knowlege, didnt feel accepted in the guild and didnt get much help.

The Shadow legion : Very helpful guild but a lot of slacking and not enought raids. Lack of 25 man raids, e.g Gruul's, Maggy

please link your gear from the armory
Comment: have not yet fully gemmed and enchanted my gear

prev raid xp:
Have raided : Kara, Zul'Aman, Gruul's, Maggy and SSC allthough not all on this character
A bit of xp in : BT

why you have chosen enigma?
I have chosen enigma because i hear its a very helpfull guild which does quiet a bit of raiding, and i know quiet a few enigma players =)

about yourself:
My name is paulo, i like playing and watching football , going clubbing on the weekends ( e.g raves ), playing WoW of course and drinking Wink
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BM Hunter looking for raiding guild
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