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 Warlock Application for raid spot

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PostSubject: Warlock Application for raid spot   Sat Sep 13, 2008 5:51 am

Name: Nelion
Class: Warlock
Age: 21

Raiding hours:
Can raid at almost anytime, unless something unforeseen comes up. I will always come prepared with pots/elixirs and all other necessary items for a raid which i have signed up for. And will give warning and reason if i cannot attend a raid which i have signed up for in good time in order to get a replacement. This happens very rarely though.

Current / Previous guild and reason for leaving.
Hellscreams Mercenaries was my last guild. Left because i had to attend to some real life things (Education), this has now been completed so will have no such things going on in the future.

Please link your gear from the armory:
If this application is read immediately, the armory website will not have been updated and i will be shown in my pvp spec. Ill also add that some of the gems in my SHoulder and Chest slots were for some Destruction PvP (Can you believe it Wink) so they will be changed before i will attend any raids.

Prev raid XP:
Cleared Kz, Mag, Gruul and Za. And been on guild firsts on Lurker, Morogrim Tidewalker, Leotheras the Blind, Void Reaver and Astromancer Solarian. All with Hellscreams Mercenaries.

Why you have chosen enigma?
Gotten a good impression from the members in instances and from the general behavior in chats etc. In addition i am looking for a social raiding guild, with enjoyable and fun, yet commited raiders.
A description which i think fits perfectly to your guild.

About yourself:
I am, as mentioned, 21 years old. Live in Trondheim, Norway, so another viking i guess Razz
Im a nice, helpful guy. Insightful, understanding but dont enjoy people with a negative mindset. So hopefully its not to much of that since it ruins the atmosphere of a guild.

Lastly ill thank you for taking the time to read my application and ill hopefully be hearing from you in the near future. Smile

/edit The Shoulder slot will be replaced with Frozen Shadoweave, and chest slot with Tormented Demonsoul Robe in near future
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Warlock Application for raid spot
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