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 Healer Looking for new home

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PostSubject: Healer Looking for new home   Tue Sep 02, 2008 12:27 pm

now for the copy paste part.

Name: Deloria
Class: Paladin
age: 19 ( as of 22/09 )

raiding hours

monday: anytime
tuseday: anytime
wedensday: anytime
thursday: anytime
friday: anytime
saturday: anytime
sunday: anytime

Current / Previous guild and reason for leaving: Current guild, Do Not Hold Horn. i just joined these guys because the randomly whispered me and i thought it could be fun. But they are not serious enough for me, they are great guys, but i need more raiding.

past realm guilds: Fearless of Dragonblight, i was officer and lead some raids during my time there. i left because the guild was starting to fall apart, so i figured i would need a new place to look for raiding, so i started looking, but nothing seemed good enough for me.

please link your gear from the armory:

prev raid xp:

MC: Cleared
Onyxia: Cleared
BWL: Cleared
AQ20+40: Cleared
Naxx: Cleared
Kara: Cleared
Gruul: Cleared
ZA: 3rd boss down
TK: void reaver down
SSC: Lurker Down

why you have chosen enigma?
yyou seem just like the guild i have been looking for, great bunch of people, with great progress in raid, wich is just what i am looking for.

about yourself:
I am a guy of soon 19 years of age, i am currently unemployed, and not in school of anykind as i'm going through some psycological problems at the moment, so to keep my mind busy i play wow, hang out with friends, try to have a good time with who ever wants to spend it with me. I'm an ongoing person who doesn't stand back for a challenge, i take up the challenges and don't know defeat Wink
i'm not that great at descriping who i am, since i think myself that i'm a great guy and the best, but you will have to decide what you think about me, and how you will welcome me, either be it in you forum or in your guild.

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Healer Looking for new home
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