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 Killarogg - Hunter application..

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PostSubject: Killarogg - Hunter application..   Wed Aug 13, 2008 12:59 pm

Name: Killarogg
Class: Hunter
age: 23

raiding hours/ hours online:

monday: 6(server time) till 00.00
tuseday: 6(server time) till 00.00
wedensday: 6(server time) till 00.00
thursday: 6(server time) till 00.00
friday: 6(server time) till 00.00
saturday: all day if im not a family cottage
sunday: all day if im not a family cottage

Im in Maintain a Lifestyle ATM, but wanna leav cux of poor leadership from the GM..
When he puts up Kara or Gruul he just turns it suddenly around a wants to do ZA with the elite groupe of the Guild and leaves the rest behind with nothing els to do but trying to find a PUG to Kara or Gruul..
This is why a wanna try to apply to this guild insted, I have played with some of your players befor and they had some good skills and moves..
Kira for the most and Dehmaun some to..
I wanna find a good Guild that isent only good gear ( cux i dont beleav that the Best Gear gives you the best players, you got to be a good player to be good with our gear ), but good players.. Its the Players that makes a good char.. Sick off noobs that got good gear but suck when it counts..

Have done 100% Kara and Gruul..
Done the 2 first bosses in ZA and halfway trough the 3rd Lynx..

Hopefully im good enough for this and hope to hear from you soon


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PostSubject: Re: Killarogg - Hunter application..   Wed Aug 13, 2008 7:14 pm

never once has he used feign death and killed me while i was healing ;P
top quality in a hunter in my opinion!
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Deadly Desires

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PostSubject: Re: Killarogg - Hunter application..   Thu Aug 14, 2008 7:40 am

Sorry but your gear is of Very poor standard, Strength and dodge gems as a hunter? armour on cloak? what was you thinking?
Although I do agree good gear doesnt always make a good player,
Good gear and some brains is what kills bosses.
I personally wouldnt take you to ZA either with that type of gear and enchants.
GL finding a more suitable guild

Application Denied - DD


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PostSubject: Re: Killarogg - Hunter application..   

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Killarogg - Hunter application..
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