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 Hunter / Druid 70 wanting to come back. :)

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PostSubject: Hunter / Druid 70 wanting to come back. :)   Tue Aug 05, 2008 3:10 pm

Hey guys,

after a long while here i am agian. same gear only my drood got lvled good. and geared well.
i was thinking about the good old times, when i was in enigma, and helped out. so far the big guilds overrun me. they all want to go FAST FAST FAST !!! and stuff, and i wana take it easy and raid with nice guys. so far to be honest Enigma has been the only guild who really gave me fun with raiding.

so here i am agian and making an apply and waiting for your awnser.

Name: Entivy / Huntersdeath
Class: Druid ( tank spec atm. can spec other wise ) / BM spec like always Smile
age:17 turning 18 in 2 weeks.

raiding hours/ hours online
monday: 5pm till 23:00
tuseday: 5pm till 23:00
wedensday: 5pm till 23:00
thursday: 5pm till 23:00
friday: rather dont, want to enjoy my weekend.
saturday: rather not, i got a girl aswell and weekend Smile
sunday: just plan someting and i will be there Razz mostly after 15:00 home when i am at girlfriend.

The times you see here, are the times i have to raid. this is al because of my work and stuff a well. i work at another company then last year i was in enigma. and got quite busy. i have a GF now so also that shit i got with me Razz so my times are a bit differant from the hardcore 100% a week Razz but i am here when i need to be.

please also link your gear from the armory

prev raid xp:

A well, i have done:
Kara ( Full on my drood as OT and on my hunter as dps. )
Zul aman ( First 3 gods, so far.)
SSC ( Full )
TK ( Full )
Hyjal ( First 2 bosses down tryed 3th boss befor. )
BT ( First 2 bosses )

why you have chosen enigma?

After 6 months, i realized there is only 1 guild that threats people like there people, and accept things can interfear with wow. and sometimes things doesnt work out as it works out. i have seen the last time i was in enigma, that this guild is seriously a good community guild and is really more like a big family, then a raiding hardcore guild. i hope this havent changed over the time i was gone.

and like i joined last time, and i left with a stoppid reason for gods sake. my experiance will work with the guild, and my experiance will be prolly needed with this guild. to help get progress together.

about yourself:

I am Luuk, a well most of you guys who are still in still know me Smile and know i didnt left because of a fight or someting, but just because i got an option somewhere else ot gear. and as i told deadly back then, when i'm ever needed i can always help out, and love to come back.

but so for the new guys, i am Luuk, i am 17 years old live in holland, and work as electrician now the days with the electrician company Nuon in the Netherlands. i raided alot with Bloodthrustclan befor i went to enigma and after i joined enigma, i went to Strength and honor cause of more progress there. and progress there was but everybody was so bloody pissed at eachother all the night during raids i felt like not wanting to be there anymore and get more desire to get back to enigma.

people make mistakes, and i hope people also forgive people for those mistakes. i am here to help and stay this time. no other guilds no other apply's and so on.

i hope i here by show you guys, i am willing to come back and wanting to stay.

i hope i get an reply soon.

Friendly regands,
your old friend,

aka Entivy ( now lvl 70 and good geared Razz )
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PostSubject: Re: Hunter / Druid 70 wanting to come back. :)   Wed Aug 06, 2008 5:46 am

je klinkt intresant ! ik doe veel ict werk en jah ook veel voor de nuon zo nu en dan , vind het intresant om je tegen te komen Very Happy


Shera aka Angel aka noriko
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Hunter / Druid 70 wanting to come back. :)
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