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 Blazarius App

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PostSubject: Blazarius App   Fri Jul 25, 2008 5:05 pm

Name: Blazarius
Class: Mage |FirE|
age: 15

raiding hours/ hours online
monday: 3pm till 11.30 pm
tuseday: 3pm till 11.30 pm
wedensday: 3pm till 11.30 pm
thursday: 3pm till 11.30 pm
friday: all day
saturday: all day
sunday: all day Smile

please also link your gear from the armory : - I know it is'nt the best , since i just dinged lvl 70 Smile

prev raid xp:
I have done Full MC, Full BWL, Full AQ 20 + 40, and first boss naxx. Tbc : Full Kara, Full Gruul , and first boss ZA.

why you have chosen enigma? : Well to start with it's allways nice to meet new people Smile. But a bonus is that you guys raid. That is something i've been looking for.

about yourself: My name is Kasper, and i come from Denmark Smile. In my spare time i play basketball and watch tv, and ofcause , play WoW Smile.

Don't think there is much more to say Smile. Hope to hear from you soon Basketball
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Blazarius App
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