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 Enigma Recruiting!

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PostSubject: Enigma Recruiting!   Mon Jun 16, 2008 6:23 am

Guild Enigma is currently looking for more talented players to join its ranks,
We are an International guild but the majority of our members are british and DK (damn vikings still invading )

Our progress so far is:

Kara on farm with multiple groups
Zul`Aman on farm
Gruuls On Farm
maggy on farm
Solarian and Void Reaver Down In TK
Lurker down in SSC
Rage Winterchill downed in Mount Hyjall

What we expect from you:

Mature attitude
Not afraid to wipe on new content
Be aged atleast 16+
Be able to use Ventrilo (mic ain`t essential atleast you can listen to whats going on)
Be Able to Raid a Minimum of Twice per week (we do raid more but this is our minimum attendance requirement at the moment)
Be actively improving your gear outside of raids and not relying on Raids as your only source of epic`s

What you can Expect from us:

A fun loving Raid Guild with Friendly people
Constant Raids
Progress further into 25man Content
FREE Buff Food! (yes completely free! If its in the guild bank then it is provided free of charge for use in raids)
Discount Cost Elixers, Potions and Oils (We make All the Pre-mentioned using guild funds to resell at cost to our raiders for use in raids, so No Excuses for not being raid prepared )

We are Currently Looking for:

2-3 Healers (suprise, suprise who aint looking for them these days)
1-2 Prot Pali
1-2 Boomkins
1-2 Elemental Shammies
2-3 rogues


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Enigma Recruiting!
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